Once again my pondering mind goes into the section of why we do what we do. Mark just met up with his GI guy for a colonoscopy, and I am scheduled next month. As I waited in that rather busy waiting room, watching the victims go in and the drivers await the completion of their procedures,  the ol mind started to wonder.

What in the world would make someone want to look at intestines all day? I mean how can one find glamour in that job? Ya either are looking from the top down or the bottom up ( literally).image

When I was at the family practice office I was blessed with assisting in sigmoidoscopies. And I am not saying they are not necessary, no not at all! I am just wondering what would make a person want to be a specialist in this field?

There is a good chance you are going to deal with a few farts, and some crap from time to time. I need not  think so much about it as I get closer to my inspection from the bottom up, all I can say is I am glad they knock me out ! Cuz my mind would drift and I would probably laugh and that would not be cool with a probe and a camera up my wa-zoo! Everyone, do schedule a colonoscopy after 50 yrs of age, and verify there are no polyps or cancer, it is an important test. Thanks to all of you who do this for a living, without you , many would not get treated. And for all of you over 50 folks good luck when you do go for it . Love Cindy

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