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In this droplets is memories of days gone by. A world we lived in last year. At the tip of this droplet is a reflection of our old home, where we lived for 16 + years. Many good and a few not so good times there. This ice reminds me of my mind, my heart. What an incredible number of things are stored in my mind and heart. Things I have shared, some I have not, with others in my life. 100_0833_edited

We keep things in our minds that we have forgotten, but something may trigger the memory to come back, as if it just happened. The same for things in my heart, feelings I think are in check, but a song will trigger a heart ache or joy , and it is like it just happened.

We are complicated beings, we are. We have stored in our minds worthless information. For you older folks, I am sure songs from the 60s or 70s may pop on the radio, and we still know the lyrics. Who knows the words to “she Loves you” or to a Carpenter’s song, or maybe one by the Doors, John Denver, James Taylor, or Jose Feliciano. Look I even have their dang names in my mind. How much smarter would we be if we could delete this worthless information?  Like this icicle, so much is stored inside us.

The icicle will grow and then disappear, but the stuff in our minds and hearts do not, not until we go to our destination after this life on earth. Aghh I am getting a headache thinking about this. So I am off, to spend some time with my husband, Love to all, Cindy…