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Numb, cold, unemotional. Kind of how I feel today. Oh I will get over it, and life does go on, But the icicles of my soul are there today.

The election is over, and unfortunately the candidate I was more afraid of won. 100_0837

Notice that I did not say the one I wanted , but the one I wanted least won.

Maybe he will bring enlightening things to us, maybe his youth and energy will be what the country needs.

I do not know, there were things I did not trust, but did I not trust them because of the media’s representation of him?

He does have charisma, and can read the TelePrompTer pretty nicely, and wears nice clothes, and has a lively wife, loving family.

Who knows, who cares, what is done is done. And I am icicles for today, I am, because I am. Tomorrow will be a little better.

And life goes on.