“Sometimes you have to ride the fence awhile until you find out where the gates are” Eva Bowring100_1741_edited

Life has a way to take us places we are not sure how we got there, and unsure how it will end up.

Like Indi here, he was someone’s puppy and grew into a well trained dog. He probably thought his life was as it would always be.

But one day, something happened and his owners brought him to the SPCA. They just dropped him off. Left him. In the cold bone chill environment of cement cages, where all the dogs are on display, waiting for that special someone to come and take them home.

It is hard to be in there, they have one type of food, a water bowl and a small sling type bed that keeps them off the floor. For this little guy, his owner had spent time with him , he was trained to sit, stay, shake, he turns around, he loves to cuddle, is a great kisser and loves to ride in the car.

He does not bark at everything that goes by, is great with people. All that and something happened, and they gave him up.

How can a dog understand what happened? How do they endure. They walk the fence of life waiting for the discovery of the gate.

The first time I went into the SPCA I had no idea what made me leave work that day and head over there. But I did. Many pit bulls and pit mixes were in those cages, and then there was Indi. Laying on that little cot, just looking at me. No barking, just looking. The lady told me there were 2 people interested, so I could add my name to the list, if I filled out a form, and if they felt I was worthy of a dog.

2 people interested, I figured I was not a candidate. It was okay though, I did not know what brought me there, Someone would love him. I had resigned to the fact that my joy was our brief meeting.

The next day, my phone rang at work and the lady said, ” you have a little boy over here who would like to go home with you ” A total shock, a total wow. I called Mark and just asked him to meet me there to see if he liked him.  100_0783

Well, since these photos are of  Indi, on our kitchen floor, obviously he found the gate on the fence of his life, and his endless smile shows he is happy with the path the gate led him to. He and the Imus man are best buds. They romp around and rest together, they tease each other and nap. And they take care of Mr. Justa ! Keep him company, follow him, nap with him. Mr Justa , Imus and I got pretty lucky with Indi.  We love ya Indi and we love your spirit and smile. , Love, Mrs and Mr Justa  (and Imus too :).