A new beginning, a new life, a new start.

How many chances in life have you had to start over again? How many times have you taken advantage of that chance. I thin about all sorts of things and this is one I am kinda thinking about. Changed jobs, changed places to live, changed cities to live in, change in career moves, change in relationships. 100_1097_edited 

Different pets, different friends, different choices.

This tulip was just beginning in a change in its life. It went from a bulb in the ground, huddled in the earth, to pushing itself out thru the earth in which it was protected, to become a stem, them a stem with a blossom about to form, and now it is ready to unfold its beauty as it is moistened with the morning dew.

Soon it will be a stem again, and the petals gone, and the seeds spread. Life is funny, it gives us chances.

I think I should have just stayed longer in one place,

should have stayed at the hospital , but they asked me to leave cuz I had hurt my knee. So once that happened , I had to find other work. Office nursing is nice, but the pay is not, and benefits at the offices I worked at were pathetic. Administration nursing, I like that, it is rewarding to help the people with their health care needs, but I terribly miss the hands on care. Changes, I have had insurance companies merger, and then downsize, so a change again, and then there was a  national company I worked for – they wooed you with benefits but had lost the people compassion for each other. Where I am now, I do love it, but I miss the hospital. Change, I am in need of staying put.

Change in churches, change in attitudes, change in emotions, change in outlooks. It never stops.

God watches over the changes, he does not make them happen, yet I wonder if there is some destination from the time we are born, that we will have all these changes? Questions, life, change.

Life, moving ,

we were indifferent towns, different occupations, even different spouses long ago, and within the last 20 yrs.we were in an apartment, it was nice, but only a 2 bedroom, so we moved to a double wide in a park 15 miles north from the apartment. We had lived there since 1991, but we had to get that feather tickling us to change , to move, and now we are 11 miles further north– now 26 miles from our old apartment which was nice, further from work, from family, from friends, miles from neighbors we liked, from the malls, … change. Do you ever think “what if I had not done this ?” I do all the time. I can not change the change. It is here. So all I can do is change again. But we are here, we like our home, but at 55 we have once again started over, a 30 yr mortgaged, that is totally INSANE!! We will need to working till it is paid, and Mark is yet to know what he will be able to do. Change. We need to stay put, to just enjoy what we have and settle in to build financially for the future. Before our petals fall off, and our stem becomes weak, but our bills remain strong. Stay focused, stay healthy and lets become thankful for what we have. Mrs Justa