Holidays, they come and go so quickly throughout the year. Holidays are not only at Christmas or Hanukah, not only a US holiday. Holidays are too commercialized, too  hyped up. I think we need to slow down, to enjoy people and not things. I say this as I just heard a news story that Walmart is already putting up Christmas items. HALLOWEEN is still 1+ weeks away!image (Photo courtesy of google images )

Halloween, that is definitely a major event for some. I look at yards with 50.00 to 100.00 inflatable yard ornaments all over their yards, the small treat baskets of yesteryear are replaced with tote bags and pillowcases, the costumes are incredible, the trick or treat for Unicef is a thing in the past.

We used to just go to the country fire hall, and have a party, dunk for apples, and get a few pieces of candy. Now there are kids in high school knocking on doors after 9 at night. I have had people come to the door in no costume, I have had kids reach in the candy bowl and scoop candy out. Now they need to get their goods x rayed, or examined by mom and dad.

Thanksgiving, well the commercialism of Christmas has pretty much taken the significance of that holiday and lessened it, or at least tried to . Me, my Christmas decorations do not come out of hiding until the turkey dinner is over, the family has gone home and the memories of another nice warm dinner, laughter, and love are in the minds of all. What is Christmas for, do we remember?

I refuse to let Christmas take away the significance of Thanksgiving, a time for reflection, for really being thankful for what we have, who we know, the freedom that this country gives us. So I ask you, before you go spend tons of money  on the holidays, take each one individually, and take the materialism out of it, and bring back the family, the companionship. Peace to all, Happy Holidays, Mrs Justa…. alias Cindy