100_1866 The various roads I take to and from work, bring me to interesting places. Living so far away, it gives me many options to get from here to there. One such path is the path by the fields of pumpkins. There are probably 5 fields that go on and on, filled with pumpkins. It amazes me that all of these are needed?

That is a lot of carving, a lot of seeds, a lot of scary or smiling faces on them. It is what, 2 weeks to Halloween and these are filled with pumpkins waiting for an owner.

Last year we did not get a pumpkin for Halloween. We have so plug in pumpkins that we can pack up for the next year.

The 4 years prior to that, I got pumpkins but instead of carving them, we painted the shells with various faces. That way the pumpkin was still good after Halloween, and I was able to gut it, boil is, blend it and had fresh pumpkin for pumpkin bread, pie and for squash. It made more sense then carving it out and having is mush and mold up all over the front steps.

I do not know what fascinates me about these fields, but I am intrigued, and awed by them. The sun was setting over the field in this shot, dusk setting in and the pumpkins all nestled in for the cool fall night.

That sounds like a great idea, I am going to go nestle on the couch, wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the fall evening with my husband. Happy fall evening to all, Love Cindy