The leaves are finding their spots to nestle for the winter. The trees are beginning to change their song in the wind. The whisper of the wind working through leaves has now changed to a more hollow sound, a sound familiar to the howl of winter winds.

We went and had my snow tires put on this past weekend. We put the ones from the past 2 seasons on the back and bought 2 for the front that have teeth, have grip, and 100_1062look like they will gnaw at the crisp snow on the roads. We live in the “snow belt” of NY, snow is unpredictable and at any time we can get 1 foot to 4 feet when others get inches, but snow comes, it goes, and life continues.

My ride in good weather is about 40 minutes. Many of the roads to get to work are surrounded by fields of corn and soy. Some of the sections are not even painted to show the edge. There is one section of road where the ditch is a drop off of about 5 feet and no guard rail- that is not a road I will take in the winter. If I went off that road I would have nothing left of the undercarriage of my car.

Winter, it is pretty, and there are some soft fallen snows that are comforting. Winter however brings out nerves I have, and white knuckles surround my steering wheel about 7 days each season.

I am glad I have faith , and I feel comfort from prayer, Because I find that some days I did not drive home, Jesus took the wheel. I turn off my radio and sing the Lords prayer and I inch my way through white outs and drifts. I end up with a little nervous diarrhea sometimes once I get in the house. But I will take a few nasty winter days to tornadoes or hurricanes any day.

Snow is soft, it is light, and for the most part , the road crews in this area know how to keep the roads open. I plan to have clothes packed, and if it is really terrible, I may camp out at a hotel in the city near work.

Winter makes me appreciate Spring too. I do not take Spring for granted. So I will enjoy the fall, my snows are on, and I will be ready to tackle the winter very soon. Love to all, Mrs Justa.