Dare to be different. Dare to stand up for what you believe in even when the masses are not agreeing with you.Dare to try surviving in environments that are tough. Dare to say what you feel, to offer to stand out in the crowd.That is what this stalk of corn means to me. Daring to be me. I have to not care what the others think, I need to just go with my heart and not with the neigh-sayers. 011

I write on the blog, just because, because my husband started it and he became friends with many, I want it to be here for the next time he feels like writing. I sing at church because I enjoy singing, and I have a strong faith, I choose songs that are sometimes modern, and not traditional hymns, but I do it because they have a message.

I buy clothes at the thrift store, because if I like the outfit, why pay full price for it. And the stuff I get there, I would never have been able to afford the full price. Many things come from name brand stores, and I get it for 4.99.

We shop at a “Save A Lot” and not the huge grocery chains. People think Save A lot is a store for those people less fortunate. But to me , one is wasting money going to the big stores. They have so much, for so little.

Lunches at work, cheerios, or salad or a cup of soup. I very seldom will go out for lunch. Dare to be different. Do not let the masses persuade you to say, do or act in a way you do not feel is correct. We need to start watching that we are not ” keeping up with the Jones”, and instead focus on how we can live life in a way we feel is fit for us.

We need to delineate from what we want to what we need.

We do not need material things to make up who we are, it is what we do, what we are made up of that make ourselves unique. God made us each different. What makes you special? What is it that is a gift to you?

I drive by many fields of corn, zillions of stalks of corn, but this is the one stalk I remember, I can go to in an instant, I chose to stop and photograph. May you find your uniqueness, and do not be afraid to act on it, improve it and have others remember you for it. Love, mrs Justa