These deer,

( courtesy of image you don’t see them running to the bank to grab their money, you do not see them worrying about the stock market. Nope , you see them stick together, feed sparingly on what they have readily available to them and walk for exercise and find a warm place to sleep at night. They do not care about the best colognes, or new shoes, new houses. They exist on the earth and its Godly gifts.

We need to step back,

we need to get control, we need to enjoy each others company and not feel like we have to get caught in the whirlwind of society.

Times are tough right now,

but sometimes we need to face tough time to get knocked down a few pegs, and to re evaluate our needs, our wants, our basic daily necessities.

Please be calm,

please be conservative, please look at your life and see where you can simplify it. Consolidate trips, if there are left overs, don’t have seconds- save it for another meal,

look at everything you spend money one and see what you can cut, and I believe it will be okay. We need to learn for all the life forms that trust the sun will rise every day, and never worry about money, we need to simplify our lives. Go in peace, walk with a soft step, and search the inner soul for answers. My thoughts are with everyone out there, Love Mrs Justa.