I can not get this debate out of my mind! I chose this photo  ( courtesy of google images  www.seocopywriting.com ) imagebecause it is how I saw  both candidates in debate #2. Nothing distinguished, nothing standing out, nothing that I can remember that made me think ” Wow I really like this person.” Instead it was torture watching them. It was like a bad stage performance. A DJ on my way home was stating that this web site   www.factcheck.org is very interesting. It reviews the debate and sets forth the real facts, not the ones that were rolling off tongues and splattering on the floor.

I am focused on this election, as I really am concerned about what is going to be happening to all of our futures. How can the governments, local, state and federal, cut budgets and still safely provide the needs of the citizens. Public workers are strapped now, nurses working short handed, not enough health care providers, government and public work employees running with less supplies and less employees, people loosing jobs by huge numbers every day, health care costs sky rocking, pharmaceutical companies charging exorbitant amounts of money for prescription medications, elderly unable to heat their homes, pay their taxes and feed themselves- yet these people are the backbone of our country.

Where are we headed, what is going to happen, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of what the country needs. How can we shell out billions of dollars overseas, yet our country is going down the drain financially and morally.

But I hear nothing from either that is a leadership role, that is to the heart of the issues I am thinking about,instead it is like play ground talk, you said this and you did that.

These people were placed in these positions through voters, and there must be credibility to them, somewhere. My dear friends John and Barack… it is not about YOU…. it is about us, the people of this great USA. Me being one of the people, I kinda want to feel comfort from one of you that you can lead this country, and I am not thinking there is comfort coming from either yet. So please, take the focus off the he said she said, and focus on what I need to hear, someone who has the confidence and strength to work with both parties to bring us back together. Thanks to all. Cindy