This photo is off the sample from the adobe photoshop- thanks adobe. It resembles my Monday. It was a whirlwind of a day. A lot to do and  a lot of learning and I had to stay focused on my mission. I was busy all day long, but in between the zillion of tasks , I had one mission that I wanted to finish before days end.

As a manager, one of the many tasks that goes with it is employee reviews. It is a neat little program where the employee rates themselves, and the manager rates the employees. FlowerNeither sees what the other wrote, and both are sent to Human Resources to be combined: merged and then it is returned to the manager with a common score and off to the one on one with the employee.

These were my first 2 reviews to do, so I wanted to study the program and not feel incompetent. I wanted to work on the ones to be due in the next few weeks. There is nothing worse, in my mind, then not doing a persons performance review on time.

So I was focusing hard, really concentrating on my comments, and wanting to be informative and focus on the individuals. At times I felt like this photo, with so many things happening around me, that the world was spinning, and I kept telling my mind to focus.

There was a lot of talking in various areas today, so it was difficult, and at one point I got out a cassette tape of songs I like, and my headphones were on, then the world came in sharp focus. I accomplished my mission.

So it was a good day, a good Monday, a good start to the week. I hope you too were able to focus on something and work through it.