I think these geese are practicing for their flight to the south. 100_0956 This has got to be just an exercise class and not the real thing. For when they decide to go down south, they are in the form of a “V”, and these guys were definitely missing the “V” form.

Maybe it was a try out for who the leader will be, kinda like this election preparation we are going through right now. Does this mismash of formation in these geese this not remind you of the back and forth we get from the media right now? Look at all the blasting of each candidate, the trying to make a fool out of Sarah Palen, The “talking heads” and their repetitive slants of how things are.

Yes these geese remind me of the lack of the USA knowing which way is up. Should I move my 401K to bonds? Should I invest differently, will  my savings be there in a month? What will gas cost next year? How much is propane going to cost to heat  my home? What will health care be like if Obahma wins? Will I still have a job? What kind of a job will Mark find once his comp saga is over? As the geese circle around trying to figure which end is up, so do we, as individuals and as a nation.

And ya know what is pathetic?? These geese will figure it out before we do!

My goal is to stay focused on what we can control. I personally am going to raise my 401 K contribution by 2 or 3%. Not a lot, but a little. If I can benefit from buying a few more shares now and in 20 yrs when I need it have a little more for us, heck it may be a smart move for us. Me, I am going to spread my nursing wings and head towards per diem clinical, so I have an option of another job, should I need one . I tried so hard to get thru nursing school. I can not give up that.

And I must continue the bike each night alternating with the treadmill, and pushups on the sink edge and waist twists and toe touches each morning. I focus on Mark and my grand baby, and my kids, their families and my siblings. Focus on my friends and what God directs me to do each day. I am thankful for the way we live, and hope that we as a nation will  not let the talking heads put us into chaos. Peace folks, deep breath all, and live each day the best way you can, conserve, soul search, and I will chat with you again real soon. Love Mrs Justa