Here the little is sleeping in his crib at grampa and gramma’s house ! 100_1730 This was taken 2 wks ago when Adrianne and Josh came up for an evening here. Since then the little guy has been now sleeping in his car seat, as he is having some problems with heartburn/ reflux. So he sleeps ion the coziness of the cuddly insert in his car seat.

He is precious, what else can I say? He has been having rough times with gassiness and cries more then he was before. His appetite is good, and he is gaining about an oz a day. So that is good. He is tiny, and it is a miracle to hold him.

Holding any baby is special, but I gotta tell ya, holding the child of my child and his wife, well that is truly unbelievable.

People told me that we would love the grandparent part of life, and they are right. I know we are just beginning this journey, and more special times will be following, but this is a special guy.

I can’t wait till I see him again ! They have been over every Saturday evening, next week Mark and I will head over there. To all enjoy those special moments in life, for when they pass, they are gone. Love Cindy