This weekend Mark and I went for a ride around the area we live in. We probably did about a 20 mile radius and one of the places I wanted to photograph was this field. 100_1738On my way to work last week it was more vibrant, all the flowers stood tall, just like a bunch are suns, glowing their cheerfulness  upon anyone who came upon them. This weekend, well they were starting to droop, kinda looking depressed that the summer is winding down and fall is coming in to set it’s color splotches on the world.

I think we had a really great summer, as far as the weather went. Weekends were more rainy then normal, and it seemed like more Saturday nights were rainy then not.

But we had fairly comfortable nights, only used the AC a handful of times, and the grass stayed green all season.

Sunflowers are neat- at least to me. I have heard from various people though that there seems to be more sunflower fields being harvested. I am not sure why. Maybe they are using it for sunflower seeds for the birds, or for sunflower oil. I wonder how many seeds it takes to make a 2 quart container of sunflower oil? Or do they use other parts of the plant? I do not know,

What I do know, is I always see smiley faces in my mind when I see a sunflower. There was one on the way to work that is all by itself, by the railroad tracks, that sunflower stands about 8-10 feet tall! It is almost scary looking to see a flower that tall. I do not know why it is there, I figured maybe someone spit a sunflower seed out while waiting for the train and poof- a plant appeared.

I wish you all a sunshiny day, and I hope these flowers bring a smile to you, like they do to me each day. Love, Mrs Justa