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Meet Cody… Meet wild Cody. We met MR Cody yesterday when Mark’s daughter and husband came out- Adrianne and Josh. Cody is a handsome dog, but he is a wild thing, I gotta tell ya. He is only 8 months old, so very puppyish, he runs and runs and runs, and had poor Imus hiding for 100_1724cover, and Indi was exhausted after he left!

Dogs are funny, they are unique, each with their own personalities. Cody has been to two different obedience courses- and Adrianne said he knows his stuff, just does not apply it. He yips and runs and really tried to keep Indi running, when all Indi’s energy was spent. It was fun to see him though, he seems to be a little bigger then the last dog Adrianne had of this breed, but she and Josh seem to cherish the little guy.

I have to believe he slept his full way back to Rochester too. I loved having the kids over, Jeff and Amanda came over too, and brought their bundle of joy, so Aunt Adrianne and Uncle Josh were formally introduced to their new nephew.

At one point Mark and I were in the kitchen and all the kids were talking in the living room, I smiled and said “That’s our kids in there…listen to them, all grown up, brother and sister, those are our kids. ” It was cool, because Mark and I met when the kids were 3. It was hard for us , neither Mark nor I were the ones who wanted the divorces form our spouses, so we were doing the very best we could to get through life after getting the worse kick in the gut one could get. We both loved our kids more then life itself, and to try to blend all together in a mutual setting, it was not easy all the time. There are such stressors and pressures when one parent is trying to help with the other parents child, and not wanting to over step the boundaries, it was tough. But as Jeff and Adrianne grew up, they were so close, they would do everything together on the every other weekends when both would be together. It was so hard to have her go back to her moms though, because when we were all together, it felt to right.

So it was so incredibly great to have them all together , with their spouses, all talking and sharing. It made me remember all the trials and joys of the last 23 years. How time has flown, yet all the years came together in the living room last night. I love those kids, and I love their spouses. It was a wonderful Saturday in September 2008. I hope you each have special moments this fall too. Love Cindy