I gotta tell you, this is beginning to feel great !. This bundle of joy, this creation from love, this miracle gift , as George Straits song says ” I saw God today.” He is so tiny, so precious, and so very much loved by many. He sleeps about 22 hrs a day right now, so when we go over, we hold him, he sleeps. 100_1694

Grandpa Mark held him last night and that little guy drifted into a sound sleep that indicated to me he knows his grandpa is safe.

Me, when I help him, he made some cooing noises and tried to open his very sleepy eyes.

We did get to share a bath night episode, and we found out he can cry and he does have slate blue eyes. Other then bath time, his eyes are shut and he loves to snuggle.

One of my friends told me grandma hood is great- and she was right. The best thing is we can love him to pieces and then go home and charge up on more live before we return!

No mess , no fuss… Sorry to admit it , but at my old age, this is kinda nice !

Brandon, sweet dreams little guy, and see ya Saturday. Get ready for some more lovin!

To all those grand parents- howdi- I am glad to be part of the club— and I gotta tell ya, Mr Justa stares and glares at the little guy with kindness and love too!

Love to all, and until later, Mrs Justa