“God promises a safe landing, but not a calm passage” ( a Bulgarian Proverb) Hmm, that is a cool thought, and how true it is through life’s journey. 100_1099_edited Personally the passage has been anything but calm,anything but predictable , anything but fun at times.

Hurt and betrayal have reared their ugly faces more then once, death and loss of friendships, loved one who have turned away. Life is not easy. But it is worth it. TO feel the love from someone who really cares, to have a person look forward to seeing you again, to smell the fresh cut lawn, to watch a patch of dirt grow to a plentiful garden, to see you child grow into an adult, to witness the miracle of life, to share in the blessings of love, there is so much life has to offer, that I am like the drop of dew, I hang on and work to be the strongest I can be, the best I can be.

I am not wealthy, I have not exorbitant things, I do not require a lot, and do not ask for much. I am me, I think I am an okay person, I am me. I am strong , I am shy, I.. am me… and the thought of the safe landing is so comforting to me. May you find strength, peace and the blessings that life can bring. Love, CIndy