“There is none so blind,

as he who can not see. We must not close our minds;we must let our thoughts be free.”Courtesy of “”

It is hard to keep my mind op

en to different opportunities and ways. I am the kinda person, that if I lived alone, I would go to work, come home and probably live the life of a hermit.

Even though MR Justa does not see it all the time,

he does make me whole. His existence drives my existence. I am because of him. He cherishes me for who and what I am, without demands, without stipulations. He is wise and has a sense of knowing that he does not share, but it will flow out in his words and actions at times. If I was alone, I would be a more intense creature of habit then I am right now. I would get up at the same time every day, pack the same 2 choices for lunch, drive the same path to work, return home and here I would be. He encourages me to be a variety of things.

When I was raising my son,

he kept me grounded, kept my sights on success, he encouraged my staying put and not running from the heartache of divorce. He made me become something more. He has not idea he did that, but he did. I can not imagine life without him. And even now, he has become an incredible friend, at times a strong shoulder to lean, and a listener, and someone I can never do enough for, and would not know how to live without.

My job also forces me to be more open minded

then I would be if I was not in management. I really long, at times, for the days where I would go to work, know what my job was, try to do it well, stay out of the way of the boss, help co-workers, and go home when through. Now I know people avoid telling me things, avoid really getting close , cuz I am the boss. I know that it is supposed to be that way, but it is not always a nice place to be.

My life seems to be full of surprises,

never really can plan anything, because things never come out as I thought they would. Life has been good to me and not so good too. It is hard to keep an open mind, but it is so important. Looking at this picture, the branches are speaking to me, they are reaching out. The hanging branches in the center look like the tree is making a swing . And to the right about mid way, a ledge on which one could rest.

The tree is saying to stretch beyond the mundane and reach for the clouds, for the potentials that we do not know we have. So my wish for you is to do just that, don’t get caught in the doldrums of every day routine. Look beyond, reach farther then you thought you could, and never close your mind. Love to all, Mrs Justa