Day one of my journey and Satan did not win! Yesterday I got up with the intention of biking, but made it only to about 5 feet next to the bike, and I turned around. It is easy to find other things to do.  But I took the challenge,  I hopped on this bike, in my jammies this morning and rode for 15 minutes. It was about 5:20, so I did not have a really long time, but it did feel good. I will shoot for tomorrow and the tread mill:) It was a good feeling, tough, but good. 100_1590_edited Work is chaotic right now , to say the least, so I think the extra working out will help the stress level.

I am probably going to try to alternate every day for now. And I am thinking about trying to walk the whole road we live this weekend. That has gotta be about a 2 – mile adventure.

I came home tonight and my blood work results were back from my MD appointment last week, all within normal limits. So I am going to forge forward, while I am still healthy enough to, to make myself more healthy. And heck, I am going to be a grandma in about 6 weeks! I do not want to be the fat grandma with the big chest! God has blessed me with many things, and one thing is the ability to control certain parts of my life. And for now at least, exercise is in my hands, another blessing I have been given.

We did have a membership to the gym, but with this move, and our tightening of our budget, and the extra 16 miles round trip to the gym, we did cancel it. But heck, I have those hand weight, a floor for sit ups, a thigh master ( that is a little weird to use !) a bike and treadmill and a road to walk on, an acre to mow, I think there is plenty of opportunity to work out.

I will bring my camera and see what there is to shoot photos of on my journey up the road. I am also going to update some photos of the landscaping outside, I think it looks pretty good for folks on a very tight budget. There is so many things we drive by that we see but do not absorb, walking makes me appreciate things that go unnoticed as I drive the car.

I do love it here, it is quiet, it is spacious, it is home. I can’t wait till Mr Justakrusen can enjoy it too 🙂

May you each find a place that brings you comfort, whether it be a house, an apartment, a room, it makes no difference, it is a place that is for relaxing, it can be a park bench, or a lounge chair, a tub, just somewhere to take time for you, each of us deserve that. Love, Cindy— Mrs justa.