When night is about to fall I find it intriguing, for all the color of buildings and scenery goes to be one color, shades of gray.(courtesy of image www.pbase.com) It opens my mind to imagine the world in my own mind, what ever colors I want it to be. It makes our older car look new, for all we see is the shine in the areas the paint has not oxidized. It makes houses that are in need of painting look newer. It opens my mind to reflect on the day, to be awed by the colors of the sky as it fights to stay lit.

Evening is a time to sit on a park bench and watch the color show in the sky, to feel the air change its thickness, to reflect on the day gone by, to plan for the new day that is hours away. It is as if God is covering this part of the world for a nights sleep.

There is a lake north of us , it is neat to go to the water and watch the sun set, the water stills, like a piece of glass, every once in a while a slap of the hands of the water on the shore.

We have a fire pit that we sometimes grab some wood from a store and sit around it as the dusk turns to darkness, we sit around the fire pit and watch the flames as they tease one another, as they find paths to take to make the logs burn in various patterns, it is not the same to watch the fire in the day- I need the dusk. The crackle of the wood, the different colors, the smell of a wood burning fire, oh yes, I am lost and intrigued by days end.

I feel I live a hard day, every day, and after the darkness settles, and night is embracing me, my favorite time come, when I crawl under the covers, kiss my honey good night, and nestle my head in my pillow, drift off to sleep.

Good night to all, Love Mrs Justa—-