(cimageourtesy of www.abundance-and-happiness.co)  Have you ever looked elsewhere to find happiness? Have you ever changed where you live to find peace? Have you ever changed jobs because you felt you were being treated poorly? Have you ever made any change only to find the problem surfaces again?

Sometimes before we are too quick to change the scenery we are in, maybe we need to look into our own selves to see if that is not what needs changing.

I have run from things only to find where I ended up the problem was still there. People have a variety of addictions , to comfort, to take them away from what is troubling them, but on the other side of the addictive behavior the problem will show its ugly face again.

Back when I was in 1st  grade, I remember I told a lie. My dads birthday was here, and at 7 years old I had no money to buy him much. We used to get pennies and we could walk down to the 5 & dime store and buy penny candy or packages of “hot toothpicks”. But I wanted to get my dad a nice card. So I stole it from the 5 and dime. I wrote something in my 7 yr old handwriting and at his birthday party, I gave him the card. Immediately all adult eyes were staring at me, asking me where I got the card from, I looked at my dad and cried saying I just wanted to give him a special card. Well he had me go to that store with him the next day and he called the owner over and told me I had to tell him what I had done. I remember crying and shaking as I confessed to this man that I stole a card for my dad from him. My dad made me give the man back the money for the card.
The owner pretended to be angry with me at first, but then he praised me for confessing to him what I did wrong.

Later that night I remember my mom saying that if I continued to steal and tell lies that we would have to move from where we lived, because no one ever believes a liar again. At the young age of 7

, I had to soul search and think about moving, which I did not want to do. I also did not want people to not trust me.

As I look back now, if we had moved, I still would have been a liar and a thief. Who knows how that could have continued to grow and spin me into some direction in my life far from where I have ended up. It would have been wrong to move away, and try to start over, for I never would have dealt with the wrong.

Is there anything that you have not faced, that you are running away from? It is time to face it. For by doing that you will feel a freshness of a new place, while you are still at the place you are at right now. Peace to all, Mrs Justa