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“The impersonal hand of the government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.” (Hubert Humphrey)(courtesy of image www.sw.org) How true this is. There is nothing warm , compassionate or caring about the hand of the government. It is sharp and so uncaring.

When we were trying to dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s to get this place inspected and approved, there was no compassion. No understanding that we have jobs during the day and can not spend time chasing our tails trying to please the government rules and regulations.

If one is disabled- the amount of flips and jumps one has to go through to be acknowledged as such is insane!

If someone screws around with your credit- try to clear that up. There is no helping hand in government. But the true compassion is in our neighbors. I do not know anyone here yet, it feels like I am an outsider. When we moved into the park, the woman across the street brought us water to drink while we were moving in. That is a true neighbor. We gave to each other and never counted who did what. When she moved out, well life was not the same there .

Here it is like we are on an island, which is probably good right now, as Mark battles the depression. It is weird though,

what happened to the welcome wagon of yesteryear, where you got a basket with hints of places in the area, services available and neighbors names . I liked times then much better then now. People need people- but no one seems to know that anymore.

Be good to your neighbors, and your family and friends, for people do need each other. Love, Mrs Justa.