Did you ever think about the miracles we are surrounded by on a daily basis. image Us, we are miracles, but fruits and vegetables, look at these, I love the summer time when fresh veggies and fruits are abundant. The squirting when biting into a fresh peach, the slurping of watermelon, the crispness of celery and cukes. Summer is a great time to be productive, the wise gardener can have veggies into the  winter months with just some labor and dedication.

I just love salads and seem to never tire of them. Yes, the warm weather is here around us, grab something fresh and enjoy the season. Next yr I think we may do the garden thing. It is so neat to see the results of your hard work, and to have it linger on for months.

Last year one of my good friends brought me bags of tomatoes from her garden. I destemmed them, washed them , placed them on cookie sheets in my freezer, and once frozen I placed them in gallon size zip lock bags. Throughout the year I would add a bag to the crock pot with some tomato recipes for sauces, chili or spaghetti sauce. We just used the last bag this past week. Zucchini, well I shred that up and freeze it and during the yr can make zucchini bread, zucchini cake or add it to a sauce. MMMM. Yep, enjoy the season and bite a snap pea for me! Cindy

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