Today is almost over and tomorrow is 1/2 hr away. Here I sit, typing a few words and my mind is swirling with the last minute stuff that must be done. Unfortunately, but also fortunately , Mark ended up re admitted to inpt because of his depression and anxiety. I say unfortunately, because the mental health environment, even though it is “safe” it is not home. I love being around Mark, the real Mark. That is where the fortunately part comes in- 100_1059 fortunately he has a provider and a consistent follow up that he is receiving care and not left to fend for himself. He is having some real hard times right now, and he needs to be somewhere where they can monitor and adjust meds to get him back on track again.

The move is finally here. Friday is the day, the truck is to be picked up at 9:30 and Jeff and Gary are the guys who will “get er done”. Indi is spending the day at the kennel- I do not need him doing the Houdini act and running out the door .

Imus is hanging out here till the very end, then I will bring him up. The bird- well he is already up there and having a good time swinging and chirping away.

I used this tulip because it is symbolic of a day ending or a day beginning. For the tulip closes up at night, tight as a drum, and reopens for a new day as the sun begins to shine about the land. Tonight, as you close up, and you shut down, what is on your mind, what was good about today, what was not? Tomorrow as you open your eyes and get you feet to the floor, what is on your plate. As you open up the day, and rustle out of bed, who will be on your list of folks to see?

What did this tulip find as good on this day this photo was taken? It brought beauty to a sometimes ugly world. It stood tall regardless of what it was exposed to. It offered pollen to any bee that passed by. It made me smile, because this tulip is from an arrangement that I received as a gift years ago from my son, and it comes back every year. 100_1049 And the white tulips, they were a gift that come back every year from Mark. I love them, they symbolize that winter is over, and they are brave enough to show their beautiful glory as the Robins are coming home.

I do not always feel that I personally give all that I can, like these tulips do. I think sometimes I try to keep closed when the sunlight is encouraging me to open up. I will continue to try to be me more, to not live in my shell at times and to scream with the appreciation that this God given life offers.

How about you? With love, Cindy ( PS remember- we will be down Friday through Monday, but then we should be back.)