What a great weekend for a reunion. I guess Thursday was rainy and muddy and not 100_1551conducive to staying dry at a camp site, but Fri thru Sunday was great weather. This is some of my family. I was born into a family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters. One of my sisters is no longer with us, but the rest are going strong.

This is 34 of us. There are more unable to attend. Mark went down with us, but really could not handle all the crowd, so he stayed at the cabin we rented for Fri and Sat night. We got in Fri night and basically set up the cabin, then Sat morning Jeff and Amanda came down and they and I went to the reunion for a few hrs, came back to the cabin and returned for the family dinner. I chose to come back to the cabin after the dinner, and Jeff and Amanda partook in the night time camp fire, laughing and enjoying everyone.

Amanda had not met everyone, and there are still about 20 or so she has not met. It is a great family, I think. We love each other and would really do anything to help each other. The kids grown up so quickly and their personalities are amazing to see how they change over the years.

I have such special brothers and sisters , and even though some of us live close to each other, it sometimes seem we see more of each other at the reunion then we do on a day to day basis.

My sister Melanie had a terrible experience on her way down to the reunion. Her back rear tire fell off her car, as she and three kids were cruising along at about 65 mph. Her car spun out of control, and rolled once. Thank God no one was injured severely, but there are bruises and memories that will be there for a while, and a car that looks like it is totaled.

The rest of us seemed to make it both ways without problems. It was a blessing to share what time we had, and an anticipation we can see all again next year. Family is what it is all about ! Treasure your families, for who they are.

Life is just too short not to see the value of the gifts in life we have been given. Love to all, Cindy

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