One step at a time, image one task at hand, we have to gradually go through life. Do not skip a step- it may have been one you needed to stop on and observe. One step towards feeling better, one step towards better health, one step towards becoming financially stable, one step towards the future, one step away from errors or bad times.

I am one that in my mind I am taking different steps all at once, and I find in doing so, I do not do anything efficiently or as well as I should.

For Mark it is one step at a time, he came home today, and on meds that seem to not have the side effects that the others did,and I truly believe each day will be very slowly better then the last.

We brought Indi to the kennel today for the holiday weekend. We have a reunion to this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon I believe. I am from a large family- 4 brothers and 4 sisters ( one who has passed on ) our age span is from maybe 78 to 45. We have kids and some have kids with kids. We live in various areas of the country and try to get together each year. It is the only time we really all get together- some never come, some always come. I love my family, and really enjoy the little time we share.

So this weekend we will go down for Friday night and return Sun morning. It is a shorter time span then we have done in the past, but it will be fun. Mark is coming down too, I think, and he will get away from here and the half packed house. Jeff and Amanda are coming down, we are all going to be in a cabin about 8 miles away. This is a step we had not tried before, we usually camp in a camper- but we are only there for a day- it should be fine.

Sunday we return, do some weekly chores and get ready for the last week in this house. We finally take that step of moving into the new home next Friday.

It is kinda exciting, kinda scary, kinda nice, kinda different. Our own land- for 18+ yrs we have lived in a mobile home park on someone else’s land, before that rented apartments and town homes, so , this is a new adventure for a couple of middle age goats 🙂 We hope you have a safe 4th. Until later, Love Mr and Mrs Justakrusen

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