Well, here we are, July 1st and the year is half over. I was thinking today about what I have accomplished this year , things I wanted to accomplish, and I have a ways to go..

El Capitan

How about you? As I push aware the darkening branches of the days gone by and the days yet to come, ( courtesy of windows vista) I see things that have been completed, but many that have slowed down or not existed at all.

I intended to make a CD of some of the Christian songs I sing and send it to the musician that recorded the backup music, to see if he would mind me producing a few copies for friends and family, I have 3 songs done.

I wanted to go out once a week and sing at Karaoke shows again, I have gone to none.

I swore to be more active, I was until we quit the gym in June. Now I am active, but it is hauling things from here to the new place, not strict activity- so I have to get back on track.

I wanted Mark and I to take a real vacation, well that is not really happening right now, and we are looking at this new place and land as our vacation for the next few years.

I wanted to have more family meals, maybe every Saturday have either friends or family over, not happened.

I wanted to feel like my life was settled, well, my life is far from settled. So I guess I have a long way to go.

But you know what, even though I  have strayed off the path, and even though my loving husband is having so many problems right now, I feel blessed. I have a husband that really loves me for what and who I am; a life away from the hustle and bustle of a city; a grandchild on the way;children who have be blessed with spouses that care about them, that love them and cherish them; a job I love; family and friends who I try never to take for granted, yet that I know are there at a moments notice;  I have a church that is supportive , giving and not judgmental;and the comfort of believing and trusting in God. I even have a cute dog laying at my feet as I write this, so with that I venture on, trying to keep my life in control, realizing that it will probably never be in control, but I will keep trying. May you each find peace in your life, even if it is for a moment, and take some time to be still, no noise or distractions, and really feel the world around you, deep breathe as you sit there in silence, let yourself relax, and really feel- really hear- really sense life. My love to all, CIndy