024 016This was the land a month ago- one of the things that was appealing was the land was all seeded and mowed. Well now we are at a dilemma of having about 25 feet of mud, dirt and stone between the yard that is still there and the renovations that the home set up crew did. So we have to now rake the rocks and plant some seed. Which is gonna take some time, which we have not got a lot of.

Earl stopped in today while I was up unpacking stuff and did offer to come down and rake the rock with his tractor if the home place is not going to fix it. Earl is pretty frustrated because he had the pad all set, very little work needed to be done and the grass could have been saved, but the set up guys came in and dug down about 8 inches scraping the dirt all in a huge pile, so then the bulldozer dude spread everything around leaving this huge area of unseeded dirt.

Earl is such a nice man, he wants to do right by everyone and has trouble understanding when people shaft others. We will have to do something , because once we are up there, each time we let the dog out, he will be tracking in mud.

So this is our current issue, tomorrow the meter gets put in, keep your prayers coming on that, lets hope all water lines are in good shape:) I am going in late tomorrow, so that I can be up there for this last step before they do the cinder block foundation.

Love to all, CIndy