Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok, It’s official, I need to get a life!! I was checking out’s web site (Which is very informative by the way) and came across this story about a gentleman’s funeral. I mean, there were 100 people at this guys funeral! I often kid momma that we could have my funeral in a phone booth. Although, If that is going to happen I had better hurry up and Exit stage right. This story about the demise of the phone booth could put a damper on momma’s choice of locations for this event, that none of us can avoid. At least there was a happy ending to the story sort of, he’s still in rehab and that route can’t be a picnic either.

On a more upbeat note. I just saved a ton of money… Tags: ,

image on my insurance today. Not really today, Momma aka the Grand Dame of personal finance, (more on that in a later post) better known as the how to ” make something out of nothing” Queen,and I have been with The little Green guy for a while now. I love their commercials and was expecting a call when they were doing the caveman spots. I am not telling you what to do, but am strongly suggesting that you check out the site and see what the little guy has to say. I believe Thomas and his lovely bride have recently switched to them. What I like about them, Is that when Momma and I just recently bought (signed our life away) her new car. We were able to avoid getting an extended warranty,because The Coverage we have with Geico already includes one. How Neat is that? I know, seemed strange to us too. We checked in on it and it’s true. I’m not receiving a penny for sending you there, as I don’t think the 1 commenter and many other lurkers on this site warrants the expenditure on the advertising budget for them. But hey, you never know.

I just want to close with this little caveat. I whine quite a bit (OK A LOT) about lurkers(one who reads, but doesn’t comment) but I am one of the worst Lurkers there are. I too peruse information on many blogs everyday and never leave a comment. So yes People (and Jeff)I am a Hypocrite of the highest order. What I’m trying to say is. Thanks for Reading!!